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If you have your own website or blog you start earning incremental revenue by simply signing up as gorgeous affiliate. Enjoy the benefits of a professionally run ecommerce partnership by joining our affiliate program today.

Contact: Helen Sanders Marketing Manager


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Our Affiliate Program in more detail..

1.New To Affiliate Marketing? Then GB-Store is a great place to start!

If you are not too familiar with Affiliate Marketing and the benefits it can bring then let us explain!

You can start selling or promoting our extensive skiin care collections to your own visitors by signing up as an affiliate. As an affiliate you can place links to on your website in various forms such as banners, text links, dynamic scrollers and product feeds. Then, when a user from your site clicks through to and makes a purchase we pay you up to 8% of the sale.

It’s that simple and we will provide you all the tools you need to get going quickly and effectively so that you can start earning incremental revenue.

2.What's so good about Great Beauty Store?

We are dedicated to offering a convenient way to purchase the top skin care brands. These highly sought after products are regularly searched for online and command above average retail prices. By joining our gorgeous affiliate programme you can share in our continued success.

We currently pay up to 8% commission and will reward long term partners with additional incentives. Please contact us directly for additional information and support

3. Ten gorgeous reasons to sign up today

By joining the affiliate program you will be able to add instant content to your site and earn great revenues at the same time.

 ● Our average order value of £57

 ● 90% of orders are for multiple products and brands

 ● High level of repeat purchases

 ● Product feeds of over 1300 products including images, descriptions and deep linking urls

 ● 3.75% site conversion rate

 ● Low level of returns

 ● No affiliate clawbacks

 ● Regular customer offers and affiliate incentives

 ● Free shipping on all orders over $50 to the USA Mainland.

 ● Prompt payment
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