The Company is a wholly owned subsidiary of Great Beauty Limited, which has enjoyed a great popularity in the USA as a leading supplier of beauty products in skin care, make up, hairdressing, and body care etc. The Company continues to secure partnerships with many leading skin care and beauty brands as well as helping to develop new and innovative products in the beauty industry. The company, although relatively new, has significant financial backing and keeps working on developing and providing top beauty products to help everyone who loves beauty be a great beauty in his/her heart.

Our carefully structured e-commerce portal is an ideal vehicle to promote each brands product and services while helping our customers fully understand and appreciate the benefits of each individual product line. This is achieved by our commitment to providing education and helpful guides to the consumer.

We simply offer choice and convenience - why wait till your skin care appointment, when you can have your favourite skin care products delivered to your door.

We passionately believe that price is not the be all and end all of the online shopping experience. Our customers need a reliable service backed with online security and peace of mind.

"We offer our customers a fully transparent shopping engine that delivers exceptional skin care professional brands."

Our aim is clear, "To provide customers with a quick and easy way of buying exceptional products they want supported by first class customer service"
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