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  • 3LAB \'Perfect\' Body Cream
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3LAB 'Perfect' Body Cream
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3LAB 'Perfect' Body Cream

A highly active firming, anti-aging body cream that helps to camouflage skin imperfections while tightening and hydrating delicate body skin.

What it does:
Tones and firms the body while nourishing skin and repairing damaged cells.

- Smoothes cellulite and 'orange peel' skin.
- Firms and tones jiggly areas.
- Breaks down fat in stubborn areas.
- Repairs the signs of past damage.
- Aids in tissue regeneration.
- Prepares skin for more effective moisturization and lubrication.
- Stimulates circulation of the skin.
- Soothes sunburn, shaving irritation, insect bites, itching and other minor skin irritations.

Key ingredients:
- An extract from coriander and sweet orange that helps to breakdown fat and reduce the number of lipids in the cells.
- A cutting-edge ingredient with the newest technology to remove oxidative damage to the cell's nucleus.
- An organic silicone-based ingredient that helps increase tissue regeneration and skin-firming abilities.
- Apple Stem Cells to help delay the signs of aging on the body.
- Abyssine 657, known as the 'Survival Molecule,' aids in skin protection and repair.
- An ingredient that comes from sunflowers to provide superior moisturization to the epidermis.
- A powerful ingredient from oats that provides immediate and long-term firming benefits to the skin.

How to use:
Apply liberally anywhere you want to be touched.
  • 6.8 oz.
  • By 3LAB.
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