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  • 3LAB Perfect Mask ( 132 ml. )
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3LAB Perfect Mask ( 132 ml. )
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3LAB Perfect Mask ( 132 ml. ) 

A technologically advanced purifying sheet mask that lifts, firms, and brightens skin. Infused with Nano-Claire GY™, the world's first bioengineered growth hormone for younger, firmer skin.

A 100% cotton, non-woven mask that provides a unique delivery system for highly progressive ingredients to penetrate deep, below the skin's surface delivering exceptional levels of scientifically advanced, efficacious anti-aging ingredients that synergistically lift, firm and brighten skin.

How to use:
Apply unfolded sheet mask to cleansed and toned face. Leave on 10 minutes, discard used sheet and gently massage the excess fluid into skin and allow it to penetrate. Do not rinse. Follow with any 3LAB moisturizer
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