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  • Chantecaille \'Frangipane\' Perfumed Candle
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  • Manufactured by: Chantecaille
Chantecaille 'Frangipane' Perfumed Candle
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Chantecaille 'Frangipane' Perfumed Candle

Frangipane is deeply sensual and uniquely sweet, full and rounded. A spiritual scent, it is often proffered as a tribute to the gods in Asian temples. This version was inspired by the gardens of a 12th-century palace in Udaipur. It opens with exotic orange and violet leaves, blooms with frangipani, water hyacinth and jasmine and has a subtle finish of vanilla, musk and vetiver.

Chantecaille scented candles are handmade in France with an unusually high concentration of perfume (10%) so that they truly fill a space with their delicious aromas. Made of an ultrasoft, paraben-free mineral wax with a lead-free wick, they burn more efficiently and diffuse fragrance with greater potency than most other candles. Each candle is beautifully encased in a silver tumbler hand-lettered in a traditional technique performed by the only remaining artisan in France. As elegant to behold as their aroma is pleasing, the candles make a wonderful addition to every room of the house.

  • Approx. burn time: 50 hours.
  • Approx. dimensions: 3"W x 3 1/2"H.
  • By Chantecaille.
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