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  • DDF Resist Wrinkle ($117 value)
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  • Manufactured by: DDF
DDF Resist Wrinkle ($117 value)
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DDF Resist Wrinkle ($117 value)

What it is: A kit of wrinkle-fighting essentials that includes a non-drying gentle cleanser and a pore-minimizing moisturizer. 

 What it is formulated to do: Create a wrinkle-fighting routine with these two products from DDF. The Non-Drying Gentle Cleanser is specially suited for dry or mature skin types. It effectively removes impurities and environmental pollutants and provides a unique cocktail of humectants with superior moisture-retaining properties, helping to leave skin moist and hydrated. The Wrinkle Resist Plus Pore Minimizer instantly reduces the appearance of pores while it exfoliates and hydrates, continually diminishing the appearance of wrinkles. 

 This set contains: - 8.45 oz Non-Drying Gentle Cleanser - 1.7 oz Wrinkle Resist Plus Pore Minimizer 

 What else you need to know: Together, these products provide both immediate gratification and long-term results for younger, flawless looking skin. The award-winning Pore Minimizer has been recognized by Self Magazine.
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