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  • Dior Addict Lip Polish
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Dior Addict Lip Polish
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Addict Lip Polish

What it is: A moisturizing lip primer and polish in one.

What it does: To create ultra-smooth, ultra-shiny lips backstage at fashion shows, pro makeup artists roll a cotton swab along models' lips to gently exfoliate; then they apply petroleum jelly to prime the surface and multiply the shine of the gloss topcoat. Now, inspired by these backstage secrets, Dior introduces new Dior Addict Lip Polish. Enriched with moisturizing hyaluronic microspheres and ultra-reflective mother-of-pearl pigments, the incredibly supple formula instantly recreates the impeccable, glowing look of the runway. The revolutionary and exclusive spin-on applicator, which picks up just the right amount of product and then rolls it uniformly onto the lips, provides a delicate massage that enhances the benefits of the formula.

What else you need to know: Each gorgeous shade is expertly designed to deliver a different effect. - Fresh Expert: the pink tone restores lips' youthfulness and promotes fresh-looking beauty - Glow Expert: the light coral tone adds sheer, warm color to lips to give luminosity and glow - Radiance Expert: the beige tone optimally re-balances the natural color of lips and illuminates them with radiance Size: 0.21 oz

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