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  • Giorgio Armani \'Acqua di Gioia\' Hair Mist
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Giorgio Armani 'Acqua di Gioia' Hair Mist
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Giorgio Armani 'Acqua di Gioia' Hair Mist 
  Acqua,' simply meaning 'water' in Italian, captures the inspiration of the legendary island of Pantelleria, where the sun and earth meet and create the perfect image of the Mediterranean landscape and the deep blue-green sea. 'Gioia' captures the essence of 'joy' and brings to mind happiness, serenity and a sense of optimism; the essence of the fresh, aquatic territory is a hymn to nature in all its forms. A moment of joy for the senses, communion and harmony between woman and nature. This refreshing spray is enriched by naturally derived ingredients; it delicately scents the hair with the freshness of Acqua di Gioia. Notes:
mojito-inspired sensual blend of crushed mint leaves warmed by brown sugar and mixed with the zest of Italian limone, jasmine, dew of peony, pink pepper, Mediterranean trail, cedar wood and labdanum.
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