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  • The Art of Shaving Power Shave Set ($200 Value)
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  • Manufactured by: The Art of Shaving
The Art of Shaving Power Shave Set ($200 Value)
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Power Shave Set ($200 Value)

What it is: An elegant, giftable kit with everything a man needs to achieve an optimal shave.

What it does: This top-performing, high-value ensemble features the world's most technologically advanced razor and four travel-sized essentials that comprise the Elements of the Perfect Shave? The durable Fusion Chrome Collection Power Razor is perfectly balanced and weighted to feel like a natural extension of the hand, maximizing stability and control. Gentle micro-pulses reduce friction and enhance razor glide. The cutting-edge, one-of-a-kind, built-in spotlight reveals details that are normally hidden in shadows of facial contours. The results are less missed spots, and more effective and efficient strokes. Its sleek handle blends ergonomics and aesthetics for a superior result, handcrafted in polished chrome and wrapped in matte black thermo-resin grip. The Art of Shaving products harness top-quality botanical ingredients and 100 percent pure essential oils to take shaving to the next level of closeness and comfort. The convenient, travel-sized pump packaging eliminates spills, leaks, and mess making it simple to stay smoothly shaved at home or on the go.

This set contains: - Fusion Chrome Collection Power Razor - 1.0 oz Pre-Shave Oil Pump - 1.7 oz Shaving Cream Pump - 1.0 oz After-Shave Balm Pump - Genuine Badger Shaving Brush

What else you need to know: This must-have gift combines Gilette's legacy of introducing breakthrough blade technology and The Art of Shaving's impeccable quality, style, formulas, and craftsmanship.

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